Pursuing To Study GCSE Business Studies

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At an early age, I was surrounded by business minded people as my grandparents used to own a fashion retail store in the Philippines, which was then passed on to my parents. Watching my parents run a successful family business made me curious, I witnessed what it was like to run a small business and the several responsibilities involved. I saw how different new ideas that were created in order to have a competitive edge as well as the importance of leadership skills and the management of finance in the business. I also had a grasped to see how important it was to negotiate and communicate to your employees in order to run a smooth and successful business. I was eager to learn about Business which led me to pursue to study GCSE Business studies.…show more content…
This course especially has helped me see business analytically which encourage me to evaluate pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses to justify my views to any business argument. Prior to that, has drew me to narrow to interest when we learn how business are affected to ever changing environment due to economic, political and social changes and its vital role to the economy. Nevertheless, I learned the importance of time management which I applied in my studies in order to complete all my coursework in time. During this time I also entered a competition for Press association where I had to create a business portfolio for a new business. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show my creativity and entrepreneurial skills which I have developed from experiences. During the project, my confidence and leadership skills improved as I was given the role of being in charge of the group, I began to understand the vital role of communication between the team members in order to convey and engage different ideas to one another. Of course like any business, we faced many challenges and as a leader I had to use my initiative and analyse problems in order to resolve them while remaining calm towards my team members. Despite the pressure, we were able to finish the project on time and won the competition. As a reward we were given a great opportunity to partake in work experience at the Press…show more content…
It enabled to improve my skills and mature in handling pressured situations. However, I want to further out my knowledge even more and despite these experience as my curiosity for business has not stopped. I want to experience and broaden my knowledge more, which is why I want to study Business Management. I want to learn much more about the different aspects of business, different ways on handling it as well as improve my skills much more which I know could help me build up my character even more. I believe that university will be a great foundation which will help me broadened my knowledge and offer variety of range opportunities for me in the future. The different challenges I have encountered has shaped and strengthen me along the way. Hence why I know I am able to face any challenges and would take it as a lesson and make me even stronger as an

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