Identity In William Faulker's A Rose For Emily

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William Faulker wrote the ominous tale of "A Rose for Emily" skillfully demonstrating a mentally instable women who turns into an outsider in the very town her father helped saved. Emily Grierson's controlling secretive manner was shielding her true identity from the towns people, but helped to shape her as an interesting character holding the audience attention. A character in any story has to be relatable. That is why many readers mimic the emotions of the main character. The reader feels the sadness, joy, and even anger the character in a story feels because the readers can relate. Faulker's illustration of Emily presents a well developed character through conflicts, personality traits, and ominous growth and changes within herself.…show more content…
B. on each piece. Two days later we learned that she bought a complete outfit of men's clothing, including a nightshirt..." Emily bought all these permanent necessities for a man she thought was hers forever, but in Homer's mind none of this was forever. Homer made a remark before this took place that he was not a marrying man, but not to Emily. Emily seemed to have been notified a little too late to spare her already damaged heart, because we went on to the druggist to ask for some poison. It is not indicated in that seem what exactly the arsenic was for, but at the end of "A Rose for Emily" Homer's was found in an embracing position on the bed dead. Communication at the beginning of the affair would have possibly avoided the conflict of Emily and Homer. The final major conflict is Emily vs. Herself. Emily was placed within the restrictions her father gave her. Instead of breaking out of the predisposed mental box, Emily caved in and stayed within those restriction after her father's passing sealing an inevitable unhappy life. Having the psychological strength to figure out one's moral view was something Emily did not have. Her father controlled her psychologically and

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