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Just because We Can Should We? The director of the movie Gattaca is Andrew Niccol, the three main characters are Vincent Freeman (naturally made), Jerome E. Marrow (agent) and Anton Freeman. The movie’s about how two brothers live entirely different lives because of the way they are born. Vincent the 1st born is naturally made which he was born with a heart condition, and the doctors said he wouldn’t live past the age 30. The 2nd born, Anton, was genetically made which means he was made to be “perfect” with that he was able to work as an agent (a higher job). Then a man named Jerome got paralyzed and he could no longer work at the agency anymore so a man and himself helped Vincent become Jerome so he could work at the company for Jerome. The…show more content…
Fish have been more important to the scientist to engineer because the female fish lay a large number of eggs. Countries like Cuba, India, Korea, China, the Philippines and Thailand currently have active research programs for genetically engineering fish. One of the scientist’s greatest concern with genetically engineered fish is if they get out. Scientists are afraid that if the engineered fish get out the fish population can grow small because the engineered fish have different genes and genetic codes than regular fish.1 A man named Paul Johnson, founder of the Monterey Fish Market, says, "It's just much too dangerous for the environment, it's too risky." Aqua Bounty says that all genetic fish will be sterile before they are sent out to companies if they are allowed to send out the fish. Most of the people aren’t for genetically engineered fish because they aren’t sure if they are going to be sterile. Dr. Kim Mulvihill says, “Another issue that people have is that if the fish aren’t sterile and when you look at the breeding habits and how these fish do after they are born if you take 100 fish taken in the wild that get to adulthood and compare it to genetically engineered offspring only 70 make it to adulthood.”2 People don’t know if the scientist are going to keep their word and sterilize the fish. They could just be saying that to get them aloud to sell the engineered fish. Scientist hasn't only genetically engineered fish they have tried to engineer different types of

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