Personal Narrative: My Hometown To A City

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Eight thousand three hundred seventy five is just a number for most of us. However, for me it signified the distance between my hometown to a city which I would spend the most exciting part of my life in. At first, flying over thousands of miles did not seem to unnerve me until I realized I was sweating bullets halfway to Seattle. The thought of having to start all over in a completely new environment was daunting. I was perplexed at the ostensibly endless mountain of responsibility that suddenly appeared before me. Feeling utterly desolated, there was nothing I could do other than becoming independent overnight to face a new day without my parents or my friends. Attending a college in the United States was an astounding experience. Never had I imagined that it was common to commute by public transport in a city as big as Seattle. Back home, it was rare for many students to commute by bus due to safety reasons. Public transport in Indonesia was considered dangerous and rife with…show more content…
It was a tradition for Rajawali to host the highly anticipated annual Rajapool Billiard competition. Nonetheless, our finances were very tight. Our food fundraisers were unreasonably laborious and nowhere near profitable enough; our merchandise sales were subpar. With Rajapool coming up in a few months time, we were downright perplexed. Afterward, I began thinking, “what if we hosted a social event that would boost our finances?” I conveyed my idea to my director and began working on it along with the department of operations and creative media. Within a week, we distributed posters all around Seattle, posted online, and personally invited people to attend Euphoria – our social event. To our pleasant surprise, Euphoria was a huge success! Earning a profit of $7000 was enough to cover all our expense. Everyone was elated, and the shared success created a great camaraderie among Rajawali

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