Norse Mythology: The Trick That Killed A God

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Norse Mythology: Topic and Themes Cultural stories transmit the reader certain values that warn them the negative attributes that would threaten its society. The story “The Trick that Killed a God” talks about envy and how it is toxic to you and your relationships, but it is also important to include everyone and treat them equally so no one gets jealous. In this story, Loki gets jealous that he is not the center of attention but Balder (the ‘invincible god’) is. Loki tries to solve this problem of his by tricking Hoder (Balder’s less liked brother) who was excluded from the fun and attention to throw a mistletoe spear, Balder’s only weakness, which resulted in his death. It also goes to show that violence is not the only answer and actually…show more content…
The story’s topic is greed and this talks about how it can consume your life and destroy the relationships with people you hold dear and also how envy can make you bitter and lose your composure. The story starts off with Odin, Hoenir, and Loki hunting. Loki kills an otter that was actually a Dwarfish prince. The Dwarfish King, Hreidmar sees it and demands repayment of gold for murdering his son. The gods agree and Odin and Hoenir stay as ‘hostages’ as Loki looks for gold. He spots Andvari and captures him for his gold. Andvari agrees and Loki takes all his gold right down to the ring on Andvari’s finger. Loki gave the gold to the Dwarfish King and all the gods go home. But they did not know the ring was cursed and the ring started working its magic by making Fafnir, one of King Hreidmar’s sons, feel envious of his father’s wealth. Fafnir felt so envious that he murdered his father for gold. Fafnir exiled himself and turned himself to a dragon to protect his gold. Time passed and his brother Regin had a son named Sigurd who grew to be mighty and strong and enraged at his uncle. Sigurd set out on a journey to kill his uncle and succeeded in doing so. The story implicates that it’s important to avoid the feelings of greed and envy as these throw your lives away into a pit of paranoia and

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