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The recent release of the movie Thor 2 was a big hit, selling over $147 million box office tickets, (Drumm) as well as keeping a firm hold in comic book readers. However, Stan Lee’s version of this Norse god is far from the scriptures and stories of the actual mythology. Stan Lee’s version, while still quite enjoyable, nearly changes all of the main concepts, appearances and relationships of the characters, but holds some of the originality of it’s source of origin. Throughout the Marvel franchise, the characters and gods from the Thor comics are woven to show a heroic bond between the cast, showing Sif as a strong warrior, Odin as a tough father and Loki as a “bad” guy, but this varies greatly from in the myths. Most of the common Norse lore shows Sif as a simpler woman, not as a war but as the goddess of harvest. Sif is married to Thor. Odin also varies slightly, even though the Odin in Marvel is hard-core, A fan of both the myth and the Marvel version accurately says: “If this Odin ever met the Odin of Norse myth, Marvel-Odin would get his ass kicked (Brienck).” Odin is the god of war and was not known for having the patience to talk rationally. However, they portray Thor’s attitude rather to par with the original. In both versions, Thor is a hot-headed brute of a man. In both the movies and the myths Thor is…show more content…
A lot of the original plots of the normal gods’ lives was left out or altered for the sake of a better plot. In an odd twist of events, Loki is not Thor’s brother, but rather, he is Odin’s since they were both birthed out of giants. However, Loki and Thor consider themselves brothers after Odin found the child when he killed his father, but he did not adopt him. The beloved movie mother Frigga is also a subject of bad placement. She is neither Loki’s mother, nor is she Thor’s mother. Thor’s mother is a frost giant named Joro, not an Aesir

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