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Loki is well known as the trickster god, who is both loved and hated by his fellow gods. He may bring evil and sadness upon his victims one day or luck and happiness the next. Balder is the god of love, peace and forgiveness, of justice, light and purity. He is the favorite and loved of everyone among the gods. Due to a dreadful dream Balder had, the gods decided to eliminate whatever could endanger Balder’s life. His mother, Frigg traveled the world and asked for “every plant and every animal, every bird and every serpent, every metal and every stone, every illness and every poison, every drop of water, every speck of earth, and every spark of fire” (Rosenberg 468). They all swore an oath that they would do nothing to harm Balder, for they…show more content…
In the story, “The Death of Balder,” Balder is loved while Loki is hated. The introduction to the story described Balder as: Balder was the son of Odin and Frigg. He was the favorite of everyone among the gods because he was so good. He was the best of the gods, the wisest, kindest, and most gentle of them all. Purity and virtue surrounded him. He was as handsome as he was good, and he shone with a special radiance. (Rosenberg…show more content…
“Balder is one of a number of fertility gods in various mythologies who are killed, go down to the Underworld, and then come back to life. The pattern of life, death, and resurrection reflects the annual, cyclical pattern in nature of birth (spring), maturity (summer), death (autumn and winter), and rebirth (the following spring). (Rosenberg 467) His happy life, where he was invulnerable is like the season of summer, the peak of maturity. “His death marks the beginning of the decline into old age, night, winter, and ultimately the death” (McCoy) of the entire world. Ragnarok struck the earth and death came upon everyone. When the world ends a new one begins, leading to the rebirth of Balder, or

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