How Does Wal-Mart Affect Business Behavior?

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In the current global business world, companies are required to take into account employee's values and follow ethically sound business practices. Companies must utilize business ethics to insure proper business behavior is followed, companies must also be aware of the consequences of their actions. Based on a code of ethics companies must be aware of adhering to the rules, laws and principles of morality, concerns with fairness and needs of others, taking responsibility of the effects to consumers, employees and the society as a whole. Wal- Mart is a large private retailer that first opened in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. ("Our Story,"2014). Today, Wal-Mart's website states, they help people around the world save money and live better (2014).…show more content…
It is also part of the fiduciary principle that employees should not put their self interests above the overall interests of the company. Wal-Mart's slogan "Always low prices" may contribute to the plethora of lawsuits filed against the company. The competitive prices Wal-Mart sets for its products, the company is able to allow for more consumer savings than other box stores. Profit savings from relationships with suppliers also allow Wal-Mart to keep prices low and production efficiency high laws ("Wal-Mart Statement of Ethics", 2008). Wal-Mart has been investigated for child labor laws, unfair labor practices and poor benefits. These are all ways that Wal-Mart is not adhering to the fiduciary principle. Many of the actions taken dealing with the lawsuits were due to cost saving measures. Executives were putting the bottom line of the company above the risks to the shareholders and employees. Wal-Mart's Statement of Ethics covers numerous issues with conflicts of interest, fair competition, and finical integrity but these are all at the associate or low level management

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