Compare And Contrast Anne Bradstreet And Walt Whitman

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There were three great periods all together, the puritans, Enlightenment or “Founding Fathers”, and the transcendent. These three were joined by three great authors that completely changed the times; Anne Bradstreet, Thomas Jefferson, and Walt Whitman. With new thoughts, new life, and new chances; these authors has options in writing they never had before. They could speak of truth, hope, religion, and happiness. The puritans were mainly about reconstructing the truth in society and one of the main influential people were Anne Bradstreet. With poems such as to my dear and loving Husband, Contemplations, By Night when others soundly slept, and many more. She really displayed the ways of puritan life and how simple was a good quality to have. In a sense, the puritans were pioneers for the age of change. They had a passion of the fair, truthful, simple, and easy ways of life. Their religion was purely based on their relationship with good and what he church thought of their actions. Anne Bradstreet was an advocator for this type of life, by…show more content…
I love his poetry and his philosophy on life. He writes about relatable truths and personal subjects. While in his writing, he still carries a tune and setting of honesty and sincerity. He was a very large part of the transcendentalism movement. People of this time were thinking now thoughts and going in directions that they never thought were possible before. Free will was becoming more common and people spoke the truth more than ever before. Walt Whitman wrote many good poems such as Song of Myself, A Noiseless Patient Spider, when I heard the learned astronomer, Calamus, Song of the Open Road, Pioneers! O Pioneers! All of his work was very truthful and spoke about his life. One of my personal favorite poems by Whitman was Song of Myself. While retaining the crowd of his readers and still staying universally relevant to their lives, he found a way to somehow be truthful to

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