Nineteen Minutes: A Psychological Analysis

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Have you ever been bullied before? Bullied so bad that you thought you can make that person stop by doing something that you might regret one day. In the Jodi Picoult novel, Nineteen Minutes we’re going to examine how being bullied can lead to school violence like school shootings. And in order to better understand it, one must have an understanding of many social influences. The people that you talk to can have these kind of influences on you like friends, family, adults, or other kids around you. Some music can have these influences on people too. People like to say since music can have positive and negative influences on people it can make them go out and do criminal things like stealing or killing and if it’s true and they did a study that…show more content…
Peter confesses to kill ten people and was sent to jail while the trial proceeds. I want to know how difficult it was to look for a gunman that don’t match the description that you think they look like. When Josie was put on the stand at Peter’s trail she took the blame for killing Matt and said that “the gun fell out of Peter’s bag and I shot Matt for what he had done to Peter and that Peter said he wouldn’t tell anyone what happened here.” Peter lawyer Jordan McAfee said that Peter was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. And that's being bullied over and over again caused this action to happen. And “as a child who suffers from PTSD has made an unsuccessful attempts to get help, and as the victimisation continues, he stops asking for it. He withdraws socially, because he’s never quite sure when an interaction is going to lead to another incident of bullying… Different people have different responses to stress. In Peter’s case, I saw an extreme emotional vulnerability, which, in fact, was the reason he was teased. Peter didn’t play with the codes of boys. He wasn’t a big athlete. He wasn’t tough. He was

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