Nike Jordan's Success

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Nike has shown to have one of the best strategies within its market, due to its success in marketing star athletes. The sneaker industry has a constant demand from its consumers, and several companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok largely share control within the market. However, one of these companies would make a move that would completely alter the dynamics within the sneaker industry. In 1984, Nike had decided to endorse rookie NBA player, Michael Jordan, and partner with him in order to create a new brand that would be a division within Nike (Badenhausen). Jordan would become a great decision for Nike, due to his success within the NBA. Jordan's six championships, five MVP awards, and fourteen all-star player awards would pave the path for his brand,…show more content…
Lines form outside the brand's partnered distributors one day prior to the shoes release. Nike enjoys a great profit margin when selling sneakers under this brand, due to the success in marketing Jordan as the face of the brand, his achievements within the NBA, and his likeability with the fans. Jordan's are priced almost two times higher than Nike's average sneaker. Nike would have a formula, due to their success with Jordan. Of course other brands had tried this with other athletes prior to Jordan, however none were as successful as Nike. By bringing elite athletes under the umbrella of Nike, allows the company to charge their sneakers for a premium price. This is why Nike has one of the best strategies amongst other businesses within this market. They have followed this strategy, and have had similar success with other athletes such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many other athletes. Other companies would attempt to follow Nike's path, and endorse athletes in order to create something like Air

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