Triathlon Persuasive Speech

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Have you ever pushed yourself to your limit? Every person reaches a certain breaking point when their mind plays tricks on them, saying “I can’t do it”, “It’s too hard”, or “I have no time to finish.” But something inside you pushes all those negative recurring thoughts away and you get through that demanding task and accomplish your goal. Imagine accomplishing the three difficult disciplines of swimming, biking, and running that a triathlon entails. All three disciplines need to be completed in a continuous order without taking a break. A triathlon is an endurance sport that has been around for over twenty- five years and there are the selective few that take on this challenge to push themselves to their limit. All you need to do is be determined…show more content…
This is one of the most important steps you need to do to achieve a triathlon. Fear is an emotion that can hinder anyone from accomplishing their goal. It is often a negative emotion that is not real and is made up by the mind. It is a feeling that we all have went through at one time or another in our lives. A great way to overcome your fears is to create race-like scenarios and drills during training. It will help you gain more confidence in yourself and mentally strengthen you. “Time-crunched triathletes have to get a lot done in a short time, and as a triathlete that means developing fitness, technique, and confidence in the water simultaneously.” (Carmichael, 2012, para. 9) Overcoming a fear is not easy, but being aware of your own fear is a step in the right direction to defeat this mental state. Whether your fear is swimming, running, or biking, you must tackle it to gain the right mindset to take on the endurance sport of triathlons. For instance, if you have a fear of swimming, there are various swimming clinics that will help you overcome your fear of swimming. This will help you conquer your fear because it will teach you drills that will make you feel comfortable in the water so you can gain more trust in…show more content…
Training plans will help you know when to train and went to have rest days. Everyone has busy hectic weeks and these plans will help you be more efficient with your time. Other than overcoming your fear, this is the other hurdle that you must jump over to reach that finish line. Following an eight week to twelve week training plan will guide you through all the exhausting disciplines of a sprint or Olympic distance triathlon. The longer the distance you choose, the longer your training plan should be. An excellent website to find training plans is You can use this website to log all of your training hours for each discipline every day and gauge your progress. Training to eat properly and supplying your overworked body with all the correct nutrients is as important as the physical training. You must feed your body with all the lean meats, vegetables, and water to prepare yourself for the next battle in training. "Triathletes think performance starts with training, but it starts with fuel” (Barber, 2013, para.

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