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Lab Report Magnetism Introduction Magnetic objects are made with magnetic materials. Examples of magnetic materials are: iron, nickel and cobalt. Examples of magnetic objects: refrigerators, freezers, radiators, paperclips, etc. These objects are created to make our lives a little simpler and to keep us entertained. This experiment is all about magnetism. The materials we will use for this experiment are batteries with different voltages, iron nails, alligator clips and copper wires. The purpose of this entire experiment is for us to be informed that non-magnetic objects can be magnetized through batteries, copper wire, paper clips, etc. Electromagnetism plays an important role in televisions. Electromagnets generate the electro beam and cause…show more content…
The bigger the battery voltage, the current released from the battery to the coils of the nail will be bigger as well. This causes the magnetized iron nail to lift off and attract more pins, which results in a huge number of pins lifted off of the petri dish, and to the iron nail. As you can see in the graph shown above, the equation shows that y = 43.433x – 91.45 which means that the slope of each point s quite big, so overall, the slope is a big…show more content…
Nonetheless, the reliability of the data of this experiment can be improved through doing this experiment accurately and properly. We should also be able to record the data accurately so that there wouldn’t be any mistakes made that will affect the overall result. The things my group and I would need to improve is the accuracy in recording the data, as we might not have counted the number of pins lifted off of the petri dish to the iron nail accurately, and in hopes of doing the next experiment better, I will try to be more accurate in recording the data of each experiment I’ll contribute in because the accuracy in final and overall results might be what matters the

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