Never Let Me Go Book Vs Movie

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The movie “Never Let me Go” did absolutely no justice to the novel. There were plot changes that did not always coincide with the book. A few major changes are obvious right away. In the beginning of the book we are given information that leaves with questions. These questions are not answered right away and we had to wait until further along in the book to get these answers. One big question I had was, why where these children called “donors”, and why were they all parentless and living in a home full of kids and adults referred to as “guardians”. In the movie there were opening credits that specifically told that in 1952 doctors were able to cure previously incurable diseases, extending the human life expectancy beyond 100 years old. We are never told in the movie that these children are clones like they did in the book. But they do talk about finding their “original” which leads you to believe that that there is something different about them. The movie does a good job of showing signs that the student were not the same as the outside world. For example the way people who had to interact with the kids would look at them and the way they responded to the children when they had to come around them. They would have looks of disgust on their face.…show more content…
In the movie, it starts out with Kathy standing on the other side of an operating room window, watching a man about do undergo a donation, which sparks her memory trip of her days with Ruth and Tommy at hailsham, and how she had gotten to the point of standing where she was at that moment. We later find out that the man on the table is Tommy and she is watching him at his final
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