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The Rottweiler: A dog that’s clearly not for every individual. The Rottweiler is a formidable guard dog and an exceptionally loyal companion. The Rottweiler can be trusted around children as well due to their inherent tolerance. However, when the Rottweiler ends up in the wrong hands, it can prove to be a living nightmare. In the wrong hands, the Rottweiler can indeed prove to be a ticking time bomb. Therefore, this breed of dog is clearly not for every individual. The Rottweiler is one dog breed that has a rather extensive history, often dating right back to the times of ancient Rome. Therefore, the Rottweiler is one of the oldest living dog breeds around. The Rottweiler originated in a German town called “Rottweil.” In this…show more content…
Despite the breed’s compact size and build, it is an exceptionally powerful animal. The Rottweiler would make a brilliant family pet, protector, guardian and companion. However, it would have to be placed with the correct individual for this to occur. Then the dog would be a very lovable companion that always displays affection toward its family. Although the Rottweiler is generally aloof and reserved with strangers, it will be tolerant of them if it is introduced properly to them. The Rottweiler’s innately built in characteristics are an important reason as to why not every individual can own such a powerful beast. It is also worth saying that one needs to be physically fit to handle a dog that could easily surpass 100 pounds. The Rottweiler is classified as a working dog and work is clearly what the breed was meant to do. Rottweilers are calm dogs, that are manageable only if their innate desire to work is accomplished on a daily basis. Rottweilers not only need physical and mental exercise daily, but also regular socialisation, coupled together with training from puppyhood. If exercise requirements coupled together with daily stimulation of their mind are met, problematic behaviour and issues, in general, are rare in such a

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