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Everyone experiences the feeling of regret. Throughout John Grisham’s Bleacher’s , the people of Messina experience regret in their own way. It is a never ending circle of guilt and sadness. They don’t see themselves as good enough. The community alone is to be at fault for it, they expect too much from students who are trying to figure out their lives. The football players may have huge egos, but deep down they are greedy and want more. The student section is always supportive of the team, yet on the inside they are jealous and wish they were noticed. Young girls in Messina give themselves away and break their own hearts. They do this just to satisfy the players. Overall, the parents could even possibly regret moving there. They have set up…show more content…
They either play college football or are forgotten about. Either way, they are not idolized as much as they were. This causes all of the past players to return back to the place that they were once gods in. Those who were a part of the student section accepted they were never going to be as famous as the football players. Doing so, they were able to accomplish their own dreams and not worrying about what others think. After the young girls grew up, they wanted to stay young. They are willing to risk everything, even if it includes losing themselves. This would make them feel good for the moment. Eventually, they will become broke and full of guilt. Daily, they will try to gain any type of compliment they can get. In most cases, they will settle for someone who does not treat them how they should be treated. All of this because they wanted to feel beautiful and loved, just like the glory days. Regret is the only feeling that can come close to how they feel. When you are in the moment, the fame feels amazing. After a while, it becomes an addiction. They have a constant need to become notice. Fame is a drug in Messina. Eventually you run out of it, and the world falls apart filling with…show more content…
If you weren’t a football star, you were nothing. If you weren’t gorgeous enough to be with a football player, you were nothing. This alone was the reason why Neely rose above the stars, and Cameron was left behind to be forgotten about. Eventually you find out that Neely feels a huge amount of regret. He once had the love of his life in his arms. As soon as the prettiest girl liked him, he tossed her aside. This drug ran out for him once he got injured in college. All of a sudden he realized his mistake, and his decision has haunted him ever since. When Neely visits Cameron, she wants nothing to do with him. Of course she was polite, for she still had a small amount of respect for him. Instantly we know she does not want to have a long chat. She tries to keep it short, but ultimately fails, and the emotion you feel as a reader is regret. Neely regrets hurting someone he cared a lot about, whereas Cameron regrets falling in love with him to begin with. In the long run, the both have accepted their mistakes and tried their best to move on. Just because they accepted it, does not mean they have moved

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