Compare And Contrast Barthram And Dickinson

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Many of the explorers of Florida have had trimuphs and failures, through the swamps and beaches they trecked to conqueor this new land. Two of those explorers, Johnathan Dickinson and William Bartram, had very different experiences in their travels, both good and perhaps bad. Johnathan Dickinson landed in Florida in 1699, a time before it was heavily settled. This can be one reason his journey was so much more difficult. When he landed he and his "Negro" began their search for a safe landing, which they could hardly find. However, they were eventually greeted by natives, this though was no friendly greeting. They attacked him and his crew and took all goods they had on board, molasses, sugar and their currencies for trading. Not only did they take their goods, but they also took their clothing off their back. The natives then forced them to march down the beach toward their village. Dickinson and his crew were not happy with this though as they were searching for…show more content…
Bartram explored Florida in 1791, a different time to Dickinson, a time when their were European settlements and plantations across Florida. He was traveling with a group of traders along Lake George until he found a river he was content with and parted ways. Bartram then traveled the lagoons in his canoe and observed and recorded the foliage and landscape in great detail. Bartram built his own camps, fires and fished the alligator infested water for food. This was his only difficulty, when the alligators became to friendly and started to shorten the distance between he and them. They tried to assault his boat while canoeing, but he managed to fend them off with club he grabbed. Later that night after returning from fishing a large twelve foot alligator began to approach him searching for food, in which he shot it in the head. Bartram after having this experience left the lagoon with his supplies

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