The Earth On Turtle's Back: Creation Myth

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“The Earth on Turtle’s Back” is a creation myth retold by Michael Caduto and Joseph Bruchac. The myth suggests that the Earth was created when the muskrat brought it up from the depths of the water and placed it on the Turtle’s back. Similarly “When Grizzlies Walked Upright” is also a creation myth retold by Richard Erdoes and Alfonzo Ortiz. The myth explains that the creation of the Indians resulted from a union between a grizzly bear and a sky spirit. Although the myths reveal that the Onondoga and the Modoc are similar because the both tribes have a connection to nature/animals, each tribe differs greatly when it comes to concepts they value. The Onondoga value determination while the Modoc value seeking forgiveness. Although their different when it comes to concepts about value, they both are similar because they both believe they have a…show more content…
For example, the Onondoga value determination as stated “… I will bring up the Earth or die trying… she was not as strong or as swift as the others, but she was determined.” (Caduto 22). This quote reveals that the muskrat was determined to reach the Earth in order to help the wife survive since she didn’t have webbed feet. She showed courage since she was one of the smallest animals and she set a goal and she wasn’t going to give up until she reached her goal, no matter the cost. In contrast, the Modoc value seeking forgiveness. As quoted “… mother grizzly bear knew that she should ask the chief of the Sky Spirits to forgive her…” (Erdoes 25). This quote states how the mother grizzly was seeking forgiveness from the Sky Spirts because she knew she had done something wrong. She knew that having kept the daughter was bad but yet she still did it, now she felt guilty and wanted to return the daughter to the father and ask for forgiveness for her wrong

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