Nascar Race History

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During the post world war 2 years the American economy hit a boom time and more people spent money on entertainment. In 1948 Bill France organized racing into an entity that expanded during the next fifty years. The first official Nascar race was held February 15th, 1948 in Daytona. That year 52 races made up the Nascar season. The original stock cars were the same sort of automobiles that traveled America’s highways. Nascar is rooted in the dirt roads and mountain passes of the American south. Until the 1980’s the south was a string of rural communities with lots of wide open space. A large part of the south is farmland. With limited public transportation the automobile is a necessity. The earliest stockcar drivers copied the driving…show more content…
The first west coast was held in Gardena,California. Detroit hosted a grand national series race in honor of the 250th anniversary of the city. By 1954 Nascar began receiving television coverage when a half hour show celebrating Speedweek in Daytona. !954 was also the first year a driver used a two way radio to communicate with his crew during a race. In 1958 Richard Petty began his Nascar career. That same year Fireball Roberts and junior Johnson emerged from the pack of speeding cars. The racetrack in Darlington opened in 1950 and began the era of Superspeedway racing. In the 1960’s the racetrack in Charlotte,North Carolina still known as the Mecca of motor sports opened. Richard Petty dominated the sport in the early 60’s. He’s still called the King of Nascar. Like many other racers Petty is following a family tradition. He’s the son,father,and grandfather of racers. Nascar was a regional sport,it is now a national phenomenon. The first years of Nascar were just a bunch of people seeing who’s car is the fastest. Now it’s a whole lot more. The fox…show more content…
Former racer Darrell Waltrip mans the mike while his younger brother Michael is a competitor in the race. Tracks across the country from new England to California host Nascar events. Even glitzy Las Vegas has opened her doors to this down home sport. You can keep up with the fast cars and racing news daily throughout the season from its beginning in February through its end in November. Nascar today consists of three primary big events. The premier Nascar series is the Winston series whose cars have 750 horsepower engines and reach speeds of 200 miles per hour on some tracks. The 2001 Winston cup schedule lists 36 events at 23 tracks. Busch series cars pack 550 horsepower and attain less speed. Many drivers compete in both series. Some drivers use Busch series racing to move up to Winston cup racing. Nascar also runs the craftsman truck series where pickup trucks that hit speeds of around 150 miles per hour take to the track. Before the main event, racers compete for starting positions in the race. In addition to the driver a Nascar team is composed of a pit crew and crew chief. Many races have been won or lost by the skill of these men who can change four tires,refuel cars,and make minor adjustments in under 15 seconds. The team also has skilled spotters who communicate with the driver throughout the race, telling him where other drivers are on the track. At many raceways you can rent radios that will allow

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