Narrative Speech About Bullying

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If you would by any chance ask any of my friends or family members to describe me in a line or two, they would probably give you a response like "that small quiet and gentle boy who is only interested in studying his books from morning till night''. None of their responses would suggest to you that this little boy in question was one who underneath his soul was a boy laced with doggedness and determination. I can remember, in one of my social media account profiles, I described myself as "lamb on the outside; lion on the inside." I can assuredly tell you that I didn’t even really have a clue about what I was saying about myself by then. I just felt I was writing something that would "scare" prospective bullies away from me. Bullying was rampant…show more content…
He resounded it, this time, louder. "I said, who amongst you here can do 100 sit-ups?!" This boy talking was one of the boys we termed "bullies" in our hostel. He was big and muscular for his age. He was always engaging in challenging physical activities. Nobody dared to challenge him. We all thought, "If Shola couldn’t do a hundred sit-ups, who else would be able to?" To ridicule me, one of my friend Emeka replied Shola from the crowd, "Chibuikem says he can!" Everybody turned to look in our direction in amazement. I never told Emeka anything. Why he would attempt to make me the subject of mockery remained unclear to me. Everyone started laughing at me. "This bookworm! Have you finished reading your science books? Where did you get the strength to do a hundred sit-ups?" I never knew when I played along to the gallery. "Yes, I can do 100 sit-ups!” Whatever doing a sit-up felt like, I had never known. I only saw people do it. I had never done one…show more content…
Unlike others would have been, I was never reliant on my peers and classmates to help me with my missed work. In just the few days I was absent, I had piled on a lot of work to do, but I once again demonstrated hard work and a positive work ethic by coming right back and catching up with others. I had to devout extra hours for days to cover up for the days I had missed. It never seemed like I had been absent for quite a while. My grades never suffered at all. My morale was even increased tremendously. My attitude, in general, is one I would allude to that of the traditional Spartans. I believe I can survive the rigors of Michigan State University because I possess as many qualities that are necessary to becoming a successful student. I strongly believe that I would contribute immensely to the MSU community. For anyone to have managed to get enrolled into MSU, I believe such a person is of a high quality, and I'll be bringing in my own unique set of qualities to add up to the overall richness of the campus life. I will bring with me the belief that hard work and determination are essential for developing a strong moral character. Together, we the MSU Spartans will continue to soar higher above others in our league of American college students and students all over the

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