Narrative Essay Trip To Australia

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I was in bed. Tired yet restless, my eyes were jumping from object to object, until a boomerang with aboriginal designs on it caught my eyes and drew me in. The Australian souvenir was given to me by Jeff one year as a birthday gift. Really, I ought’ve written a letter to Jeff to show how much I appreciated his gift. It was very useful for when I was irritated with one of the boys. A flick of a wrist from me and they were on the ground, grumbling in pain. Unfortunately, Nani Flowers forced me to simply hide it in my room for ages seeing as the injured boys always ratted me out to her. Observing it, I was attacked with all the memories concerning my time spent abroad. I decided to travel to Australia when Kahu was four years old. I wanted to see the world. Many of my family…show more content…
Faced with racism from the citizens there, specifically from Clara, Jeff’s mother, I recall the pain I felt when she said, “You know our Jeff, always bringing home dogs and strays.” She made me out to be a slobbering animal that was good for nothing. Prior to that, I didn’t deal with anything related to racism in Whangara nor Australia so I wasn’t prepared for the misery and rage that comment brought. In fact, tears of malcontent slipped down my face a couple of times because of the life I was leading there. It made my heart ache in intense emotional pain. Unfortunately, a worse event took place after that. Jeff’s family and I crashed into Bernard, a cous of mine. Of course, I hurried out of the vehicle, but them, they just drove past. To make matters more horrible, Clara proved how racist she was again by calling Bernard an “it”. He wasn’t even human to her because he was a native. Till this day it pisses me off because it just makes no sense. Shouldn’t they show respect to all the natives seeing as Papua New Guinea is their country first before it is the immigrants? They were born there. They didn’t travel like the

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