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The Time Changer I’m assuming that the past and the future are in the present. I was an average kid just like everyone, but I had the smartest friends and a time machine. It began when my friends were working on the project called the best invention competition and my friends were Ray and Jay. They made the time machine and I decided to put it to good it to good use and find out what the answers were to all my next tests and turns out whatever comes back stays forever unless you return it. They were going to turn it on but with my trickery I told them that they could get something from the past or future, but they said, “you just want to get what you want” so I said, “imagine other inventions from the past that will surely win you the competition or get a high tech invention from the future that could also win you something big and great”. They then knew that I was true so they decided to keep it and that’s how I got the invention and that was also the day, my report card changed from failed to fantastic or as I like to call it the time changer.…show more content…
I was thinking of all the bad grades I would get when I destroy it. Right, when I was about to destroy it and then the dinosaur grabbed me and was tying me up under a fire. I was thinking this was the end until the other dinosaur got me out and ate the other dinosaur before I became dead meat. I ran as quick as I could to the time machine and got my dad’s ax and hit it but it didn’t break. Next thing you now the machine flew into space and the dinosaur had me in his hand and was about to eat me. Suddenly the machine got destroyed like fireworks. Everything that was from the past and future got destroyed, including my math test answers that I was going to use. I guess this was a time change for me because I was going back to my bad grades and boring

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