Waste King L-8000tc Case Study

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If you've small kids at home or safety is a primary concerned, you can use a batch-feed garbage disposal. In this review, we're going to discuss about one such unit - Waste King L-8000TC. This model is fast, powerful and quiet. You might have notice it's similar to Waste King Legend 8000 1 horsepower disposer. Both feature and operation is the same, except for some minor differences. The differences are that L-8000TC operates by a cover plug (stopper) instead of a wall switch. It does not have a removable splash guard and has a bigger size. Here is a Waste King 8000 vs 8000TC tabulation for your easy reference. Read the batch feed garbage disposer review below: Waste King 8000TC Installation This model uses the popular EZ mounting unit. It's a fast and easy mounting system. So it's ideal for a first-time user or layman.…show more content…
It provides a power cord which we considered as a bonus. Make sure you’ve an electrical outlet underneath the kitchen sink. If you prefer a direct wire connection, remove the attached cord. Do take note that the supplied rubber gasket is for stainless steel sink. If you have another sink, you must use plumber’s putty. You need to buy this item separately. Does your household have a dishwasher? If yes, remember to punch out a knockout plug for connection to dishwasher. Do it before you mount the unit. Installing this disposal is not a problem. You just follow the detail step-by-step instruction manual. Tutorial videos on mounting are also available in the manufacturer website. You can view them for further help if needed. Sound Level This product has noise insulation to offer you a quiet operation. It's achieved by using a sound dampening shell that is foam insulated. The sound level is not an issue. Most users commented that it’s quiet during

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