Super Bowl Economic Benefits

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If the Super Bowl was not created, then the tens of thousands of football fans in the stadium, and the millions of fans watching on TV would not able to enjoy the biggest sports game of the year and experience life in a different city. If these millions of football fans did not crowd into the city, then the city would miss out on all the economic benefits. The Super Bowl is the most watched sports game in the world (McInerney). The only time it has failed to sell out all of the seats was during the first super bowl in 1976 (Flatt). Over the years, the Super Bowl has built up popularity as well as value to the city in which the game is played. The Super Bowl is so popular and exciting because it only occurs once per year and…show more content…
These businesses include anything from bars and restaurants to hotels and spas. As mentioned earlier, there are around 1.5 million visitors from around the world that come to whichever city the is lucky enough to host the Super Bowl. This means a steep incline in sales for local businesses. All these sales keep all the businesses out of bankruptcy. This relates to how the local economy is benefited because of the surplus of job opportunities during and after the Super Bowl. During the Super Bowl, businesses hire more workers so they can quickly serve the flow of customers, but since the Super Bowl sent those businesses into high profit, they will likely stay thriving after the Super Bowl. That leads to even more future jobs after the Super Bowl is over. All the people who fill the job openings get paid money from the business. These employees help the economy by spending their money on other products in the city and helping other businesses flourish, starting the cycle over…show more content…
Tax revenue is the money from taxes on goods and services that goes directly to the local government. The reason there is more tax revenue is because more products and services are than usual during the Super Bowl because of the additional visitors. The tax money from all of the businesses combined goes directly to the city. This is good for the local economy because that tax money can be spent on projects for the city, like fixing the roads or cleaning up graffiti. These projects make life better for people in the city and can attract even more visitors to the city. These projects could even benefit employed people and businesses, which in turn could help the economy through the ways mentioned in the previous paragraphs. The tax revenue going to the local government also keeps the city out of debt. (I need to explain this

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