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I am playing for Taylor’s Futsal Team and on my first day of training session, I gave my very best to fit in with the lads. There, at the corner of the court, one player was just sitting there with his girlfriend having a nice sweet chat while the others are training really hard with the drills prepared by the coach. One of my teammate said he is the best in the team but arrogant, it was then I remember my dark past when I was playing football for the state. My arrogance which had cost my team victory and it had changed me to become a better player ever since. I remembered that day when I am playing for Perak for the interstate football competition (MSSM) and we were the favourites. During our warm up session, my teammates were stretching their…show more content…
It does not matter who score. Right now, we need to score!” He shouted and gave me a little push. Feeling threaten with his action, I gave a fistful right-hand punch to his jaw followed by a left-knee jabbed to the guts. He fell down hard on the ground. Everyone rush to the scene to calm us down. Unfortunately, the referee saw the incident and gave a red. After I saw my first red card ever in my life, I walked out from the pitch with my head down. I can hear people talking about me. I felt like a hero to zero. Perak was out of the tournament after losing 1-0 to Selangor. It was painful to lose and to see my team playing with ten men with me sitting on the sideline and nothing I can do for the team. The worst part was to see Siddiq playing with his injuries from our fight to help team. Even with ten men and one inured player, they managed to give a good fight because they worked as a team. It was then I realised what monster I had become. Arrogance and fame had consumed me, making me to lose a friend. I admitted, it was all my fault and I take the blame. I met with all up my teammates after the match to apologize for what I had done to them that jeopardize the team. As I was apologizing to Siddiq, he gave me

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