Myths Of Gender: The Male Perspective

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Myths of Gender: The Male Perspective In the current era, as a male, I have been subjected to be the “tough” one by all aspects of life in which I have encountered so far. Men tend to be judged or expected to be stronger by emotional in physical strength opposed to women. Past research, done in general by different and one particular here, Phycologist Brines in this research, who has conducted years of study of why women and men are treated differently, has stated throughout his findings that women have made great changes as time has come by in the traditional gender roles, but still remain stubborn on the views of their genetic weaknesses Brines (1). The view or the theory is that women would respond, because of their gender in roles, by a more compassionate attitude. However, men will not ever be able to do play this role in most avenues or in general throughout life. There is political roles, work roles to provide for the family, and intimate relationship roles and male roles, such as mine, are meant to be strong in all views. School…show more content…
Blee, Tickamyer, & Ridewa, who have their degrees in sociology, whom study gender psychology, agree that the point of view can be setbacks by their general commentary that “This doesn’t help men in education or politics, as they grow,” which is also generally stated with other views by Blee, Tickamyer, & Ridgewa (pg.
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