My Reflection Of A Monologue In My Mind

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“Clear your head, dammit!” I scold myself. Of course, this only further adds noise to my internal dialogue. Dialogue? Monologue? Dialogue. No…Monologue. And so it goes in my head; there is no silence, there is no rest. Everything is processed and analyzed until any meaningful insight has evaporated in a “steam of consciousness.” But this can be tamed. As I struggle to write my observation journal, attempting to keep a totally impartial and unfiltered lens in my mind, I can tell myself to focus just on the landscape before me. The thoughts come and go, but as long as I focus on my senses, my mind tends to truncate its activity. There is one thing which never ceases. A melody buzzes through my head, my foot twitches, trying to keep up. The tune might change suddenly or loop for hours but it never stops. No matter how hard I try to absorb my surroundings within seconds I have lost my focus and escaped to another world. My senses may still be focused on the surroundings, but my mind has wandered somewhere entirely different. The…show more content…
This is an adaptation which prevents us from succumbing to information overload and investing large amounts of energy into making trivial decisions. (University of Caimbridge). In short, it allows us to prioritize things and make future plans or reflect on other more important events than the ones of the moment. This explains why my mind felt distracted during my writing sessions this quarter. Though the purpose of the assignment was to clear the mind, I had instead used it as an opportunity to zone out and remain focused on other aspects of my life. Songs would bounce through my head, my mind would wander and I lost sight of the true purpose of the assignment. In this way the song in my head was not beneficial. It didn’t allow me to take advantage of that time in an effective

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