My Lai Massacre Research Paper

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During the war in Vietnam, the Vietnamese has exposed the limits of American military power overseas by proving to the world that even though they’re a small week nation in Southeast Asia but they’re compatible of battling the American. They also have proved that not all problems can be solved by military force even though the U.S were trying to help South Vietnam with political, economic and social efforts but these strategies failed because the U.S have failed to win the Vietnamese people by killing many innocent people. For example, on March 16, 1968, “ Charlie Company” was sent to a small village in Vietnam called My Lai with a commander named William Calley. William Calley directly ordered the solders to kill every man, woman, child, animals…show more content…
Most Vietnamese in the South and North believed that the American are here to prevent their country to be united and by killing innocent people in My Lai, the U.S has created a huge trigger on the people who are refused to separate their country. Although the My Lai massacre happened in 1968, it was kept being covered up and was not acknowledged until 1969. This incident has create a huge widespread of outage and question from around the world, especially in the U.S. American people start to mistrust the U.S government and the war in Vietnam which is so-called “ Free Vietnamese people from communist” leads to the arrest of some military members who were involved in the massacre. In the U.S many people started to question the U.S military in Vietnam, due to the cover up of the government and oppose the war by creating a massive protesting in Washington D.C which didn’t help much being at war. The My Lai incident not only show how poor the military strategy but it’s also make American people believe that they have lost confidence in the U.S military and their ability to win the

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