Summary: Why I Needed To Move To The Suburbs

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3. A city getting more populating is not only the reason why people are moving to the suburbs but also how the cities are not the best place to live in. For instance, in the article, The Moment I Knew I Needed to Move to the Suburbs by Erin Gates mentions, “After one too many late-night noise issues, a million block laps to find parking and repeat calls to landlords regarding floods, broken air conditioners and bug infestations, our little family finally decided that perhaps the suburbs would be a better fit for us than the city.” These were some of the situations that people go through in a city and this is how the life of Erin went through living in a city. Privacy and individualism is the number one key for Suburbs to be considered for…show more content…
One of the main ideas in their projects is to building towns and cities just as far as five minutes away from for shopping centers or the center edge. Also creating courtyard units and shopfront houses for the residents to take time to relax and share moments together with their families, neighbors and friends. Another idea that is focus for the projects of New Urbanism is that the streets will be more designated not just for cars but also for the use of people such as, bicycling, walking and transit use. Around these areas also provide cafes and porches for the daily interaction of the residents around the cities and…show more content…
116) When you are at a common place with a person is really just meeting that person and at the same time giving little of your own confidence and this is the main reason of why making towns and cities more public for the residents is helping with the relations of each other. Once residents gain the ability of confidence of each other more activities around their neighborhood can be done. For instance, maintaining their recreational places clean, participating in civic agendas, engaging in different communities, and also in civic participation through celebrations. These are all good response that residents can make and that can also lead to more recreations engaging around their living towns and

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