My Finalism: A Career As A Microbiologist

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Alfred Alder believed that humans are solely motivated by their own unique, subjective, broad, and never-changing goal, called a finalism. That finalism is one of the two things that form the base of Adler’s theory of personality. The other thing is a person’s changing, sub-goals (strategies) that help them work towards their finalism. When combined, those two things make up a person’s style of life, which is formed around the age of five and dictates how they will deal with everything in life, including the actions they take that work towards their strategies and finalism (called the law of movement). In regards to my style of life, I believe that my finalism is to improve the world. This being my finalism affects all aspects of my life.…show more content…
The ways I have tried to be nice has changed; for example, when I was younger I thought being nice included sharing my toys and not hitting people but now I see it as doing things that are “common” curtesy, and supporting and actively working with causes that help animals, or people in need. These changing strategies also are why my career choices have changed over the years. It also accounts for how I was going to reach these careers. To become a microbiologist, I was going to have to go to college and take a lot of science courses. To be on Broadway, I was going to have to work very hard at my acting, singing, and dancing skills. To be a criminal profiler, I am going to college for two bachelor’s degrees related to my future career field and I will eventually have to work with the police force. The law of movement affects my actions towards these strategies. For example, actions that work towards being nice could be holding doors open for people, helping the elderly with their groceries, or helping someone pick up something they dropped. In regards to the law of movement and my career choice, my actions to reach my career goal include going to class and making good grades that will help , doing activities like ride alongs with cops and shadowing correctional officers that will prepare me for police work. All of these actions move me a little bit closer to my strategies and my…show more content…
That being said, I do see some of Adler’s second-born characteristics in myself. The competitiveness and ambition are evident in my personality, even in my younger years, and especially when comes to competing against my “older” sibling. I always tried to make better grades than him in school, hit/catch the ball the most during baseball games (we were even on the same little league team), and to have to most friends come to our birthday party. These traits could also be seen throughout my high school career. I took and did well in AP and Honors Courses, rose to the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Commander in NJROTC and held the position of Executive Officer (second in command), held the position of treasurer in National Honor Society, organized and ran several charity campaigns, and volunteer for several charity organizations as well. The good grades, the leadership positions, and everything else I did required hard work and determination to achieve and maintain. Also, I had to be competitive to want the positions I held since I beat several people to hold

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