The Horse Dealer's Daughter By Pablo Neruda

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According to the Dictionary, connotation is a feeling or an idea that a words cites according to their primary meaning.In other words the words that have stronger meanings. According to the dictionary, denotation is the meaning of a word, in this case it is the contrast to the feelings or the ideas that the word is suggesting. I chose the poem a dog has died by Pablo Neruda and the song of despair by Pablo Neruda. The writers stories I chose was the lady and the dog and the other story I chose was the horse dealer's daughter. In the poem a dog has died, the connotations are sadness, lonely and shameless. These connotations have many characteristics. When someone refers to sadness, they are showing many emotions. In this poem the man is showing sadness towards the dogs dead and remembering how he was before. The denotation of the poem is “dog”. The poem refers to a dog as being a friend, companion. The dog was his happiness and someone the man loved. In other meanings a dog would be consider just an animal.…show more content…
These connotations are referring to a man that is sad because their loved one passed away. The man misses his love and remembers her with such tenderness in his words that he refers to. The denotation is “song”, a song can be a written song that is happy, hopeful, but in this poem the song shows sadness. There is sadness because the man’s wife passed away and he is remembering

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