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Midfacial fractures include fractures affecting the maxilla, the zygomatic bone and the NOE complex. Mid-face classification They are different types of classification of mid-face fractures. Fractures could be single or multiple fracture lines in the same bone or have fractures line that communicate with each other, so-called comminuted fractures Other way of classifications can also be as closed, when there is no communication with the outer environment through laceration in the skin, oral mucosa, and gingiva, or through a gingival pocket. An open fracture is defined as a fracture where there is such a communication through a laceration or when the fracture is engaging a dentate area. 4.2 Le Fort fracture classification Rene Le Fort described…show more content…
Another similar term is frontonasal fracture, which is involvement of the nasal part of the frontal bone, and especially of the frontonasal ostium. These fractures may cause injury to the dura and a subsequent cerebrospinal fluid leak.[8] • Internal orbital fractures or orbital wall fractures (blow- out, blow-in), if only the orbital walls and not the frame are involved. Blow out fracture of orbit also defined as fracture of one or more of its internal walls which known as Inferior, Superior, Lateral, Medial blow out fracture. . This fracture is caused by blunt trauma to orbit. In this type of fracture orbital rim dose not involved. If fracture of orbital rim is linked with fractures of one or more of its internal walls then the term complex blow out fracture is

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