My Civilizatio: Components Of Functioning Community

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There a many components needed for a beneficial, functioning community. The goal of my society would be to live together peacefully and for everyone to be proud in the society they live in. Within my society, basic needs, like food, water, shelter and clothing would be essential and provided for everyone. In addition, my civilization will prosper by participating in government, utilizing a justice system, establishing social customs and everyone will be provided with education and healthcare. Basic needs are the most important component to a flourishing society. The primary needs of a member of society are food, water, shelter and clothing. Necessities such as food and water are what keep the members of the community alive and are completely imperative. Although shelter and clothing not being entirely essential, both benefit the society overall if available. Also, basic health care would be provided for all citizens to an extent, because this will better the society. My…show more content…
Although it is my civilization, I would not run the society. The government would be similar to the government of the United States and contain the three branches. A legislative branch for laws, an executive branch for presidency and a judicial branch for the courts. The government must be able to pass and enforce laws protecting it’s citizens. Within the society, the form of government would be a democracy. Citizens will be able to directly partake in government. The residents will be allowed to vote on representatives and a primary leader. A justice system is required for a society in order to maintain efficiency and avoid chaos. An individual would have basic rights, similar to the ones in the United States Constitution. The judicial system would work in an orderly way and the laws created would be fair. The community would utilize a common law system. Criminals would be tested in a court of law and have a trial by

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