Chingachgook And Uncas Analysis

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The father and son relationship between Chingachgook and Uncas are similar to the father daughter relationship between Munro and his daughters in their love for one another and the display of pride that the fathers felt for their children. In the story Chingachgook and Uncas was escorting the daughters of Munro together with Hawkeye and David Gamit through the forest to bring the daughters to Munro. The forest was a rough and dangerous terrain not only for the women but also for the men. The only ones that appear to not be affected by it was Chingachgook and Uncas. Both father and son were indians who were very familiar to the forest and its dangers. As they were walking through the long trail they spotted indians from another tribe, the Huron, a very violent group. The men did not hesitate to engage in fighting and many Hurons were killed. Chingachgook was impressed by his son and how he fought so bravely,he was very proud of the man he had become. The daughters of Munro were faced with the dilema in having to choose their destiny. Mangua, the indian of the Huron tribe had captured the young women. He had proposed to Cora the eldest, that if she agreed to go with him and be his wife he would let her sister go. Cora was willing to sacrifice…show more content…
Chingachgook had always a protective eye on his son and was there when his son was captured and did what he could to protect him with the help of his friend Hawkeye. At the end when his son is killed, the son trying to protect Cora from mangua, the father was in a trace like stat until he chanted a song for his son in his native language that was felt throughtout the tribe. His pain for the lost of his son felt like he himself had died. In the same way when Cora was stabbed by an indian who was helping Mangua, Cora's death broguht Munro to his knees in grief. The love for his daughter was so great that Munro could not compose himself when he saw his daughter's lifeless

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