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Islam teaches that Allah (SWT) has sent many prophets to humanity, at different times and different places, to distribute His message about the religion that everyone must follow. Since, this world has been created, Allah (SWT) has sent His guidance through several fine and chosen men. These people were human beings who taught the people around them that one should have faith in "One Almighty God," and how to walk on the path of righteousness. Most importantly Prophet Musa played a significant role in Islam, at the time of birth, after he became a prophet, and at times of fascinating miracles. Therefore, the Prophets are the branches of Islam, who brought Islam to the world and where Muslims are able to unite it in numerous ways. Prophet Musa, a prophet who portrayed an important section on Islam was greatly known by many people for his actions and for his contributions to Islam. Musa (AS) was born into a…show more content…
And Prophet Musa (AS) is one of the honorable prophets. It all began when Musa departed to Egypt with his family. The Quran states that on the way to Egypt they had preached a stopped near Mount Tur, he had planned a fire and instructed the family to wait for his return with fire for them. When Musa had arrived to the valley of Tuwa, Allah (SWT) called out to him from the right side of the valley of Tuwa from a tree which is known as blessed ground in the Quran. Later, Moses was commanded to remove his shoes and was informed of his selection as a prophet, his obligation of prayers and the Day of Judgement. Allah (SWT) states that these are the signs of Pharaoh, and to order Musa to invite the Pharaoh to worship one and only Allah (SWT). However, Musa and his brother Aaron were scared of Pharaoh, but they knew Allah (SWT) would keep them safe because he was observing them and commanding them to inform Pharaoh to release the

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