Movement Analysis In Baseball

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Movement Analysis is a method and language for describing, visualizing, interpreting and documenting all varieties of human movement. In baseball there are many types of movements and anatomical positions at bat preparing for a swing and the moving of the upper extremities and lower extremities. The skill being analyzed is a baseball swing from a right-handed player and the phase of movement is swinging the arm out with the bat. The purpose of the movement to correctly be able to move your upper and lower extremity in an equal portion so that your body can swing the bat freely at the right angle, right fore and right time. The table below shows all the joint and muscles acted upon and how they are being used during each phase. Before a baseball player can swing a baseball bat he…show more content…
There are five phases that one must follow in order to swinging a perfect swing. The first is Stance; it allows the athlete to assume a comfortable and balanced body position from which to initiate the skill. What is being done here is setting various joint angles in the correct positions with respect to one another. This phase is typically the shortest phase. Second phase is Preparatory phase; is referred to as the cocking or wind-up phase which is used to lengthen the appropriate muscles so that they will be in position to generate more force and momentum when concentrically in the next phase. It is the most important phase in leading toward the desired result of activity. The movement phase also known as acceleration, motion or contact phase is what action does the skill. This phase usually generates most of its force directly to a ball, sport object or opponent. It is characterized by near maximal concentric activity involved muscles. The next phase following is the follow through; it starts right after the movement accelerates and brings the negative acceleration from limb or body segment. Once the body is in motion

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