Aerial Island Disadvantages

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Located along a convergent plate boundary between an oceanic and continental plate, Aerial Volcano is a stratovolcano, made of alternating layers of volcanic ash and hardened lava. When the oceanic plate converges with the continental plate, the denser oceanic plate subducts under the less dense continental plate, forming a subduction zone. The friction with the overriding continental plate and the intense heat in the mantle causes the sinking oceanic crust to melt, forming magma. Pressure causes magma to rise through fractures in the crust of the continental plate. The rising magma accumulates, building up pressure in the magma chamber, eventually forcing the magma up the pipe and to erupt onto the surface of the continental plate as lava, which then cools…show more content…
Tourists are discouraged to fly there for fear of inhaling toxic gases released by the eruption. The decreasing number of tourists visiting Aerial Island will cause less tourism revenue to be generated (e.g. from resorts), affecting the tourism industry negatively. The eruption will lead to an economic downturn for Aerial Island due to less revenue generated, posing a challenge for Aerial Island, a less developed country. The problem is worsened by the expensive repair costs of infrastructure and clean-up costs of rivers, generating larger economic losses for Aerial Island.
 Fine ash particles from volcanic ash may be inhaled deep into the lungs of someone living near the volcano, causing individuals to experience chest discomfort, coughing, eye irritation or severe respiratory problems. Gases released such as sulfur dioxide causes skin, and eye irritation, creating discomfort for individuals affected. Drinking unsafe water from water supplies contaminated with volcanic ash will cause people to contract

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