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Firstly, let us introduce you to our Islands volcano, Aerial Volcano, located in the southeast of our island and around 1.5km away from Aerial Resort. This volcano is an active volcano that erupts pyroclastic flow. An active volcano is one that has erupted in the past 10,000 years. This is your guidebook to everything you need to know about volcanoes! When our volcano erupts, pyroclastic flow would occur towards the end of an explosive eruption. Pyroclastic flows consist of a mixture of volcanic gases and ash. The flow can rush down the side of the volcano as fast as 100km per hour or more and will destroy nearly everything in it’s path. This will definitely affect our island economically, socially and physically. Aerial Island has a population…show more content…
This is a great disadvantage to us as rebuilding would be expensive and some of us would not be able to afford it. On top of that, during the pyroclastic flows of the volcanic eruption, most of our agricultural areas would be destroyed. The high temperatures can cause combustion of any flammable materials in it’s path, including vegetation such as cabbages, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers and livestock products. As agriculture is one of the main export items which contributes to the island’s export revenue per year, there would be a huge loss of income for the island. Tourism is also a source of income for the island. After a volcanic eruption, the rate of tourism would decrease rapidly, causing a decrease in the income of 3.6 million per year of the island. All of these would cause our economic state to plunge down and it would take a long time to rebuild the damaged buildings and homes. The pyroclastic flows would destroy trees and other obstacles nearby such as the Black Sand Beach. The pyroclastic flows might burn down the forest, killing the animals and indigenous tribes that live there. The flora and fauna of the forest would also be burnt down by the extreme temperatures of rocks and gas inside the pyroclastic flows. This would affect the island physically as resources such as the trees, habitats of animals and an important physical feature of the island, the Black Sand Beach would be…show more content…
Due to Aerial Islands small size and dense population, it would be best to have a change of clothes, some money, canned food and a bottle of water prepared in your backpack as resources may be limited at the evacuation location. It is also recommended that bandaids and other required medicine for special medical conditions are prepared in your backpack. Your backpack needs to be ready at all times as once a prediction of a volcanic eruption has been made, there will be no time to spare to pack your bags. Phase 1 Once predictions of a volcanic eruption is made, you must pick up your backpack and begin evacuation immediately. The evacuation route would start at Bravo town, where everyone living there would be gathered and accounted for. Everyone would board buses which would be sent out when there are predictions of a volcanic eruption. Phase 2 The buses would travel on the roads and pass by Alpha city where all the residents living in Zones B, D and C in Alpha City would be picked up on the busses. The people living in Alpha City at zone E would remain where there are and evacuation would not be carried out. This is because it has the lowest risk towards the volcanic hazard in the Southern part of the Island and the evacuation location is not big enough to provide shelter for

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