Mothers In Tom Franklin's Crooked Letter

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As women if we have children, we should love, nurture, and take care of our children. In the novel Crooked letter, Crooked Letter the mothers in the novel: Ina Ott, Alice Jones, Mrs. Sheila Walker and Wallace Stingfellow’s mother; these women all have something in common, they are all mothers in Tom Franklin’s novel Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter. Ina Ott, the mother of Larry Ott, Mrs. Ott is a mother that is kind of a homemaker. Mrs. Ott is a woman that loves her child unconditionally and also with care. “As she had every night of his life, his mother came in the room and sat on his bed” (Franklin 85). “During his attacks of asthma, she’d stay up with him as he struggled to breathe-nights were worst-rubbing Vicks on his chest, and they pray together for the asthma to go away” (Franklin 85). Alice Jones, the mother of Silas Jones. Ms. Jones is a single black mother trying to raise her son the best way she can. Ms. Jones is working to jobs- one at a Fulsom diner another at some other place. In my opinon Mrs. Jones reminds her son to work hard and be successful. Ms. Jones is also a loving mother but also busy mother. Alice jones is also a straight forward mother, she tries to…show more content…
Stingfellow, Wallace Stingfellow mother. This is also a bad example of a mother. In the novel Tom Franklin does not really describe the mother figure of Wallace that great. In the novel Ms. Stingfellow is described as a not caring mother. Ms. Stingfellow is the worst example of a mother there is. “But then one of their mommas stuck her head out the door and said we better get on in, the singing was fixin to start. So we all went in and they sat with their mommas and daddies but I took a seat to the back. My momma said she didn’t care I sat with her or not, long as I was quiet” (Franklin 173). Ms. Stingfellow does not care about her child’s whereabouts, she is not home most the time because she is with her boyfriend, and Ms. Stingfellow obviously does not care about her

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