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Solar-Powered Moser Light for Daytime and Night time use Christina Arroyo, Gilbert Pado, Jacob Abayon, Laine Jen Huang, Marian Callo, Marjie Mena, Mat Kevin Atole, Meagan Lueise Bertiz, Sherwin John Mabulo, Polyanna Villaralvo ABSTRACT In the Philippines, areas where houses are built very proximate to one another is a usual situation. Similar case inspired Alfredo Moser use a water-filled bottle with bleach to directly get light from the sun and scatter the light into the household. Since then, many groups of people work on enhancing the lamp such that it will also be useable for night time. This paper is another avenue in further enhancing Moser light such that rooms that may not be receiving heat from the sun may also have lighting without the use of electricity. Keywords: Moser light, refraction, reflection, Tyndall effect, solar-powered, intensity 1. Introduction There are still places all over the world wherein electricity, although, much needed, cannot be actualized. Philippines, a developing country, is no exception to this. If there is, however, some residences are situated very near to one another, that the use of lighting is necessary even in daytime. Because of this, people devised their own ways of bringing in light. One of this is a Brazilian mechanic named Alfredo Moser…show more content…
Being such the case, the lamp is only useable in daylight or daytime. An engineer came and measured the light and found out that it ranges from 40 – 60 watts [1-2]. The concept of the invention of the Moser lamp came to light during one of the frequent blackouts in his country in the year 2002. He experimented on how water-filled plastic bottles refract light. Later on, he placed similar lamps in his neighbor’s homes and town’s supermarket

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