Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do: Analysis

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Saying Goodbye Is Hard to Do In my teen years, Flutter was a daydream. During high school, I had a part time job at the movies. While I made popcorn in the lobby concession stand, my guy friends made out with girls inside the theater. In my small southern hometown, a girl taking another girl to the movies didn’t seem like a possibility so I daydreamed about what it would be like to be a boy. I watched how boys were treated better than girls in school, at the movies, everywhere. When I moved to Chicago for college, I met a handsome, talented boy who seemed to be living my daydream. He was a writer and a musician. He wore the coolest leather jacket. He had the most beautiful blue-eyed, raven-haired girlfriend. He also had leukemia. He passed away my sophomore year. After he was gone, I would reguarly visit St. Charles, IL, the hometown that he often described in his…show more content…
When I wrote earlier that boys were treated better then girls, I meant white boys. Doubt crept in. The voice of fear shouted at me: Who am I to tackle racism? A louder voice answered: How can I not? Just as men need to stand with women in the #MeToo movement and say enough to sexual harassment and gender inequality, every white person needs to say enough to racism. This is the only way that we can make systemic change. We all have to call it out in everything we do, and everywhere we go: at work, at school, in our homes, and in our writing. Both of my parents passed away during the writing of the last Flutter volume. The passing away of my mother made the reconciliation between Oriana and Lily the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. I didn’t want their mother daughter relationship to have an unrealistic Hollywood ending, but they did find a common ground that I never had with my mother. Emerson’s death had long been planned for Volume Three, but I never thought I’d be writing it so soon after the passing of my own

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