How Does Marcus Change In Little Brother

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In the novel Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, Marcus Yallow - a high school student at Cesar Chavez High - is in a constant struggle to free himself from the power of the wicked DHS (Department of Homeland Security). This really bothers Marcus and he deals with this issue throughout the book. Marcus managed to change this by fighting back and relieving the power the DHS had over him. The DHS had the state of California under over the top security and treated everyone like potential terrorists. This really bothered Marcus. Marcus strongly believes in the right of privacy, the constitution, and freedom in general. The DHS had everyone tightly tracked. For example, there were gait recognition (cameras that can track people through the way they walk) all over the school to monitor the students. In addition, there is many other security systems set up…show more content…
It created a determined mood to the book. It gave Marcus a real drive to fight back. “I can't go underground for a year, ten years, my whole life, waiting for freedom to be handed to me. Freedom is something you have to take for yourself.” This quote is said by Marcus in Little Brother. It represents Marcus’ determination to win and how much he cares about the freedom of not only himself, but everyone else. The struggle Marcus faces really brings out the characteristics of Marcus. Including his leadership, determination, bravery, persistence, and his sentimental values (other people and civil rights at the risk of his life). This brings a whole new perspective to readers. It gives readers an example of someone losing something extremely important to them and the extent someone would go to fight for what they really care about. It makes readers really think about how much certain things can mean to a person and what they would do to keep it. Even if it is freedom or a best friend. This internal conflict really gives meaning to the

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