How Did The Hundred Years War Affect France's Economy

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The Hundred Years' War resulted in a plunge of countless lands into war which impacted both state's economy and put the House of Plantagenet in ruin. This war consisted of a quarrel, which was highly dynastic, between England and France to decide who should rule each state. This affected both England and France's economy in large portions due to overuse of weapons and numerous bloodshed. Family disputes was not just the only cause of the war, a strong act of centralizing states was rooted in the Hundred Years' War which lead the English to have a great desire for French territory. The Hundred Years' War was exceptionally dynastic and this rivalry was the spark of the war. The start of the War was due to Edward III, English King who ruled from 1327-1377, claiming the French throne after Charles IV, who ruled from 1322-1328, died without a male heir. Instead the French went over to the Valois lineage and chose Philip VI of Valois. The French did not want Edward III to have power over two states, because they realized how immensely powerful he would be. They did not want to be the lesser power of France. This angered Edward III, because he is a true descendent of Philip the Fair on his mother's side, Isabella of France. Around this time was when Salic law was put into place. This law stopped from dynasties from going through a female's lineage to…show more content…
Extensive portions of French territory was under the control of the English since the times of the Norman conquest. This greatly jeopardized France's royal policy of centralization. (What is centralization?) There was also a big conflict between who would rule over Flanders, a region of modern-day Belgium. Even with Flanders as a French fief, it was influenced by England greatly, because Flanders' manufactured goods depended on English imported

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