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REMEMBER ONE THING: AVOID REPETITIVE AND SIMPLE WORDS. You need to expand the information found on the outline to full ideas/sentences. The Joseon dynasty is considered the most prominent era in Korean history. It was found by a man named Yi Seong Gye in 1392, right after the fall of Goryeo. Yi-Seong-Gye was the last King of Goryeo and the first king of Joseon. His royal name was Taejo. The Joseon era lasted for approximately 500 years (1392 - 1910) and it is known as one of the longest monarchies. King Taejo chose Hanyang (modern day Seoul) as the capital of Joseon in 1394. The reason why Hanyang was chosen was because it had massive walls surrounding the city, which provided protection to the citizens against attacks, but it didn’t prevent the japanese from invading it.…show more content…
But he suddenly turned his force to the capital city where King Gong yang was staying. His force fought against the force who tried to protect the King and another famous general called the choi Yeong was on this force but eventually they lost against the Yi Seong Gye’s force and the Goryeo fell together with the overthrow of King Gong Yang. Throughout the Joseon dynasty, many important events occurred that affected Korea. One of the major events that occurred was the creation of the Korean language. The Korean language was created during the reign of King Sejong, one of the best kings in the Korean history. At that time, the creation of the Korean language was a huge event that changed many things. The Koreans were having a hard time in communicating because they didn’t have their own specific language, so they had to use the Chinese letters to speak and write. But the problem was that the Chinese language was very hard to learn without someone teaching you. It was too expensive to learn them, and many people didn’t have enough money. This made the people hard to communicate with others and this slowed the development of Korea. When King Sejong

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