Comparing Olpin And Hesson's Codependent No More

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The opening chapter of the book Codependent No More starts off with a story about 32 year old woman named Jessica who married a man who was an alcoholic. Jessica would blame her alcoholic husband for all their struggles and the status of their life saying that if he got his act together things would be better. The author explains at the end of the chapter that Jessica actions were traits of codependency and that in order to resolve this issue we must learn what it means to be codependent (the thoughts and behaviors) and then make the necessary changes to get better. In chapter 2 we are introduced to other stories about people who exhibited different types of codependency in their lives that weren’t necessarily drug and alcohol related. The next two chapters would explain to us what authors, specialists, and codependents themselves believe…show more content…
First of in class we discussed the importance of values during chapter 9. According to Olpin and Hesson it is important to understand our values and learn to live by them to gain inner peace (Olpin and Hesson 2010). However, when a person is codependent they lose touch with what is inside of them that being their beliefs, thoughts, feelings, decisions, choices, and experiences. Codependency can also be tied in with the class because it is stress related. It causes some of the same effects that we learned that stress causes. Codependency causes depression and anxiety and can lead to physical, mental, and spiritual conditions that hinder our lives just as stress does. One last way we can tie codependency to the class is with the discussion of time management in Chapter 11. Codependents will often struggle with time management because they feel as though they don’t have time to complete all of their task because they have too many and will put off the most important things because they are too busy trying to help others. This is very similar to actions we discussed in

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