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Background Sitting atop Potohar, nestled against the pristine Margallas, and looking over the plains of Peshawar and Lahore, the brick and mortar of Islamabad may be modern, but its culture and traditions are embedded in the centuries of history that have unfolded between the ranges of Khyber and Bolan and the valley of Mehran. In many ways, The Monal – named after a pheasant of rare and exquisite beauty dwelling a little further north – epitomes this amalgam of the modern and the ancient. The resort is a touch of modernity set in pastoral idyll. Situated at a height of about 1173 meters above sea level, it is equipped with the latest facilities, but offers an ambience cultivated by heritage. Monal is the brainchild of Mr. Luqman Afzal, a…show more content…
It started out as The Monal Restaurant offering a wide range of authentic Pakistani cuisine deeply embedded in the diverse culture of the country, producing one of the finest ranges of culinary dishes produced by the fusion of indigenous flavors and aromas with culinary bequests from Arabia, Persia and Central Asia, as the many tribes, people and cultures blended over centuries. Moreover, it opened the doors to public with the Monal Tree house offering customers a taste of Italian and continental cuisines too. The seven terraces at Monal – Indigo I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII open onto the adjacent valley and its hamlet, providing a spectacular aerial view of…show more content…
Following the BTL marketing strategy of billboard advertising in the months of heavy traffic like Ramadan and Eid, they inform the public about their deals. However, Monal does not believe in heavy advertising as the company comprises of effective PR representatives who convey the message to their existing diplomat clients through emails and memos. The company, however, relies on positive word-of-mouth strategy as the managing bodies of Monal say so themselves that, “Our food is the representation of our marketing and the flag-bearer of grabbing potential customers.” It provides value to its customers by an internationally qualified team of culinary experts who receive trainings on a regular basis and are well-equipped in dealing and managing the high stature of their clients. In addition to this, word of mouth has been one of Monal’s unique selling propositions with picture and videos of mouthwatering food being shared across social media platforms by customers serving as a key means of attracting new customers. Monal upholds high quality standards and conforms to ISO

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