Miss Havisham Quotes

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Miss Havisham controls Estella and uses her as a type of puppet throughout the novel. Estella almost never leaves the Satis House. When she does, she is still under Miss Havisham's close watch. Estella tells Pip in a discontent manner, "I am to write to her constantly and see her regularly and report how I go on." In this quote, Estella reveals that she is aware and tired of Miss Havisham's controlling ways. Yet she still abides by the rules set for her and falls victim to Miss Havisham's puppeteering. Estella behaves as a slave to Miss Havisham and recieves unfair treatment, as well. The first time Pip meets Miss Havisham, the reader learns of her commanding nature towards Estella. Dickens' use of aggressive language forms Miss Havisham's
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