Kurt Hummel: Social Norm

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Kurt Hummel is repeatedly ridiculed by his peers for his extremely flamboyant persona, the reason being that Kurt does not follow a certain social gender norm, in which most people rely on to clarify and categorize each person. Even around the world our “norms” change, Kurt gets a slushy thrown in this face almost every morning because he and everyone else in his glee club are different from the typical high school jocks. What one deems a norm in one place, may not be a norm in another. Specifically in one episode Kurt wore a kilt with a suit jacket and black buckled boots; everyone, I would say made fun, but it was more like everyone was harassing him for wearing a “skirt”. Kurt is still in the process of figuring out who he is and “coming out”, so his style and personality is kind of all over the place in the…show more content…
Kurt also has an internship at a local fashion magazine. Kurt is starting to look more like a man at this point. His style has changed a lot and his personality has been set for a bit now. He wears nice suits and shoes, nothing out of the ordinary; his hair is usually gelled up into small, but not crazy spikes. He always has something different about his outfit, just like a small signature kind of thing. For a few episodes it was a silver rhino head pin that he pinned to his suit. Kurt has become even more confident in himself and there are no bullies who look down on him, only people that are jealous of him because he is different and the people you want to be noticed by are indeed noticing Kurt Hummel. When Kurt goes back to his small town in Ohio he is still stared at and poked fun at, but in New York he is not. This is because everywhere we go the definitions of what is “normal” and what is “weird” are different. I do not think Kurt will ever fit in at his home town in Ohio, but he fits in at his place in New

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