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How much are you willing to do for winning the love of your life? Great Expectation is a classic and romantic novel that depicts the personal growth and personal development of a poor orphan child. Pip is one of main characters and he has two important expectations: to becoming a gentleman and marrying the beautiful Estella. Charles Dickens included in this book topics like, the difficult to win the love, wealth and poverty, romanticism, rejection, contemporary issues of social justice and inequality and the eventual triumph of good over evil. Great Expectations was published in December 1, 1860 until August 3, 1861. The book has 457 pages and 59 chapters. Phillip Pirrip is the real name but his name is difficult to say but he likes…show more content…
It is a narrative book that catches people’s attention. The readers is aware that main character is looking back on his life and telling a story that he is not always proud of. Charles Dickens’ shown the most relevant points in this novel that is consider semi-autobiographical. For that reason this work is based on his own experience and his life and knowledge of people he met. Beside, this book reflects his life as a portrait of himself to catch the attention of many readers and which many novels are based on the great expectations that each main characters have in different stories. Another point the title “Great Expectations” is based in the love. The love is one dreams impossible to reach that the main characters represent in this story. Another important point Great Expectations has three editions, for that reason is very long and has many details in each parts, so difficult to read for the readers and complete the idea the all book. In conclusion, Great Expectation by Charles Dickens; I consider is a good romantic and excellent story where readers can be easily identify themselves. Although, we have different great expectations in the life. In this story gives us a great lesson of reality that the main character lived and he worked hard to fulfill his dreams. His love is like an impossible dream, but at the end of the story the fate made him reach to be a humble gentleman and love of Estela. In addition, this book shows us the lifestyle as it was in London in this century. If you like the story I recommend to watch the
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