Miss Daisy Sociology

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According to the United States Census Bureau, the projected geriatric population over age 65 will more than double from 2010 to 2050 (Vincent & Velkoff, 2010). Health care professionals will begin dealing with an increased number of age related issues as the older Americans age. This rapidly growing advanced aged generation has increased the focus of improving quality of life and health promotion and the services provided to them (Thompson, Zack, Krahn, Andresen, & Barile, 2012). Applying theories to this growing older generation will assist the nursing field to better care for the population. Driving Miss Daisy is an example of normal changes that occur in the aging process. The movie tells the story of Miss Daisy and her chauffer Hoke…show more content…
The divided factors include family, socio-economics, psychological-spiritual, and health and functioning. Happiness, children, spouse, and family health are the components related to family. Standard of living, education, financial independence, home, job, and neighborhood are related to the socio-economic factor. Psychological-spiritual factors include satisfaction with life, goals, appearance, control of life and faith or religion. The factors for health and functioning include usefulness, responsibilities, pain, stress, and health care. Assessing these factors or components for an individual will assist in the determination of a satisfied QOL (Ferrans et al.,…show more content…
She was not overly fond of her daughter-in-law but did not have any disagreements or problems openly with her. She spoke frequently to her son and he was active in her life. She also had family out of town that she visited and cared about (Zanuck et al., 1989). Miss Daisy’s socioeconomic QOL was well sustained it involved participating in social activities with her friends by playing Mahjong. She was also able to meet her financial needs. Psychological and spiritual QOL was also satisfactory for Miss Daisy. She attended the temple services regularly, which was important to her. She also took pride in her everyday appearance and always dressed nicely. She was proud of being a schoolteacher in the past, and having control of her life. Miss Daisy stated in the beginning of the movie “Some may think I’m losing my abilities, but I’m still in control of what goes on in my car” (Zanuck et al.,

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